API Documentation


StartExam API is a REST HTTP web service.
StartExam API is publicly available on the domain https://api.startexam.com/ by HTTPS/SSL protocols and port 443.


StartExam API may be used by developer who is the owner or admin of a StartExam App account.
An authenticated request requires two headers: the Date and the Authorization header.

How to construct Authorization headers...


StartExam API returns specific HTTP status codes and Json Content-Type response.

How to process Responses...


Sync Employees

POST v1/employees

Syncs actual list of employees into StartExam. Employees are added or updated automatically using identifiers from the corporate system. Try Method
Register Employees

POST v2/employees-participants

Registers employees for a test and returns identifiers that can be used to start the test. Try Method
Register Participants V2

POST v2/participants

Registers participants for a test and returns identifiers that can be used to start the test. Try Method
Get Sessions

GET v2/sessions?center={name}&modifiedSince={datetime}

Returns sessions modified since specified time, to sync results. Try Method
Get Session Report V2

GET v2/session?participantId={participantId}

Returns test session results for a participant. Try Method
Get Tests

GET v1/tests

Returns tests list from StartExam using specified filters. Try Method
Create Test

POST v1/create-test

Creates a new empty test in StartExam. Try Method
Create or Update Program

POST v1/program

Creates or updates a program, its modules, tests and other settings in StartExam. Try Method
Register Program Employees

POST v1/program/employees

Registers employees for a program. Try Method